My family is blessed to be a part of the Cornerstone Christian School family.  I have 3 children enrolled.  They are very happy at this school.  My daughter left a public middle school to attend Cornerstone.  She was an honour roll student at this school but she wanted to transfer to Cornerstone where her brothers attend.  My youngest is doing very well and he enjoys his class and his classmates.  I have a special needs son.  He was not getting the appropriate support in the public school system.  I made a decision to transfer my children to Cornerstone where he would get the supports that he needs to be successful.  He ended last school year with "meeting expectations and exceeding expectations in 7 areas".   These marks were as a "typical child" and he is special needs.  This alone speaks to the School, Staff, Teachers, EA's.  They are all very easy to talk to, treat my family with love and caring.  The fact that this is a Christian School and God is the leader of this school is such a blessing. 

Transferring to this school is the best decision I have made for my children in every aspect.  Thank you Cornerstone Christian School. 

S. Fontaine


I am the mother of two boys who attend CCS. I want to express how much my children enjoy being at Cornerstone Christian School. Last year we moved from Dubai to Canada; this is our second year at the school. I really appreciate the help and support I have received from the teachers and principal.

I can see that staff takes good care of the students and the school/classrooms are well-organized. I feel confident that my children will continue to grow academically and socially at Cornerstone.

V. McLean