It’s poinsettia time again.  The year goes so fast.  Time to decorate your home and business and your friends’ homes and businesses with beautiful poinsettias from DeVry Greenhouses.   This is a fundraising opportunity for Cornerstone Christian School to raise funds to supplement school activities. Each plant sold gives us a profit of $5 - $7.   There will be gift certificates from the House of James for those who sell the most.  Our goal is for each student/family to sell at least 5-10 plants.  I know some of you can sell more than this. ;) 

We will practice Covid guidelines in taking orders and also in delivering them.  To achieve less physical contact with customers, you may phone or post on social media to local family and friends and give them our website ( Here people can view pictures of the items we are selling and place an order.  This year for the first-time customers may order online and pay for their orders directly by credit card. I will receive copies of these online orders but please text me the customer’s name and your name so you can get credit for their orders.  Cash and cheques can still be submitted with your order.    If you need more order forms, check with the office, but we are also planning to post the order form on our school website so you can print off more.  Orders need to be prepaid.  All order forms and money need to be in to your classroom teacher or office by November 13. 

The plants will be ready for pick-up on December 1st and 2 nd.  Your order forms will be returned to you on the delivery date, so you know who to give the plants to.  Once the plants arrive, call your customers ahead that you are coming to deliver the plants, thank them for their order and wish them a Blessed Christmas.  Then deliver the plants to their doorstep right away.   Thank-you for your participation.  If you have any questions, please text me.


Mrs. Judy Wurtz  (778-347-2707)

Fundraising Coordinator