The music program at Cornerstone Christian School is a Christ-centered program where every student from Kindergarten to Grade 9 is involved and makes the inquiry:


Is it to worship? To express joy? Thankfulness? Sing a love song to the Everlasting Father?

All these answers, are correct and so many more. We will be discovering the absolutely amazing gift God has given each and every one of us by giving the gift of music. Whether we can sing, play an instrument or just like to tap our fingers to a catchy beat the Music Program at Cornerstone Christian School will direct students to delve into the beauty of music through song, dance, and theory.

Yes, even musical theory displays the nature of God.

It demonstrates how our Creator purposely designed His creation. Worshiping and honouring God will be the focus and purposely planned activities will draw the children into fun, wonder and knowledge of this fine art.