At Cornerstone we use Spell to Write to Read(SWR). SWR weaves beginning through 12th grade spelling into a full language arts program. Rather than merely memorizing words, as in traditional spelling programs, students are taught how to analyze the reasons behind a word’s spelling and pronunciation, giving them a strategy to learn any word they encounter. Reading is a natural outgrowth of spelling instruction. Most spelling or phonics programs are based simply on what’s been used before. SWR is based on solid physiological research and historical precedent and will amaze you with its simplicity, conciseness, and completeness. It is a time-proven method with over 50 years of success throughout the States.

Click the links below for the phonograms presented by our own Ms. Mazzei:

Phonograms (Kindergarten & Up)

Multi-Letter Phonograms #1 (Grade 1 & Up)

Multi-Letter Phonograms # 1 (Grade 2 & Up)